by H. C. Andersen

A fairytale that talks about a country that is lost and do not know how to find the way back to innocence that guides you to your inner self. To the truth.



A fairytale that talks about a king and a country that are lost and do not know how to find the way back to innocence that guides you to your inner self. To the truth.

An empire of textile in crisis. An emperor on the hunt for a new dress, unique and impossible to copy. Ministers working to find a solution to the crisis that upsets the country. Two weavers, or better two impostors, who in return of diamonds and rubies will create a dress that will resolve all problems. The people despairs and does everything to make ends meet. A palace that seems impossible to get out of... and the children... that will save the kingdom.
All this inserted in a series of comic and dramatic scenes, in a performance, very topic, a crazy and funny story. A labyrinth of role changes and reversals. Played by an experienced international ensemble in a simple performance with impact, with the flavor of past theatre and the form of the todays theatre.
A minimalistic and magic stage set studied in order to create a space that with few elements can evoke an atelier of stylists, the royal palace and the square of the kingdom.
A truly modern story that doesn't seem to be a hundred years old. A story that talks about us, about our relation to the other, the game of power and more than anything about the solitude that takes us when we in order to be with the others we move away from the truth that everyone keeps inside as a gift to trust.
A project that starts with meetings with children, open rehearsals and thematic workshops in the schools.
We tell with lightness and favoring, in order to communicate the message, the comic and the absurd. To comprehend and think, while laughing.


Technical Equipment

n.3 Sagomatori 25°-50° 1000 W
n. 16 Pc 1000W
n. 11 Par 64 cp 60 1000W
n.4 Par 36 (pin) 30W
n. 2 Little stairs
dimmer 24 channel
light's console 24 channel manual
n.2 amplified speakers
n.1 CD player
n. Mixer audio


For children starting from 8 years


From a fearytale by H.C. Andersen
The Emperor's new clothes
by Areté Ensemble

Interpreted by Saba Salvemini, Annika Strøhm, Ursula Volkmann, Valentino Ligorio/Valerio Malorni
Understudy Sarah Sammartino
Light Design Tea Primiterra
Stage Design Marta Marrone and Vito Sabini


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