The curry room

A vaguely bohemian night between humour zen and music

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The idea

Humanity has for centuries collected stories, fairytales, short tales that in the best way could represent them. These stories were passed on by actors/singers accompanied by musicians. They united in the village in front of the fire passing the night with drinking, laughing and reflecting. A meeting to tell stories about man, to open mysteries, paradoxes...and to laugh. Laugh of us, between us. A sharp humour, sometimes cold that made these nights a moment of encounter and union.
Today we propose this old tradition. Not around the fire anymore, but accompanied by the same spirit our actors and musicians meet people and with music and songs propose the same stories to share a pleasant evening with laughs and reflections. Funny and absurd stories just as the human being can be. Experimental and traditional songs and music that comunicates that music which is nothing more than life itself.
A sort of a private club, a simple and pleasant evening where to laugh of the absurdity of mankind. Before us, among others: Jodorowsky, Jean -Claude Carrière...
The clique, like a small caravan of gypsies, is composed by two actors and one or two musicians. A small moveable caravanserai which is possible to guest anywhere.



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"The curry room" started off during the 10th edition of the Bi-arteca festival in Biella. A project that has been developed by the actors Annika Strøhm, Saba Salvemini and the saxophonist Giuseppe Doronzo; the musicians may change in accordance to the city where the caravanserai stops.


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