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Performances and workshops guested by Areté Ensemble

Areté Ensemble has met many women and men of art on it's way and so when we have the possibility we are pleased to guest them and hence share with as many persons as possible the luggage that each of them bring with them. We guest and organize their workshops and/or performances. We exchange with the persons that are close to us, the audience, other artists... what has touched us during these years of life and work.


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The "clandestine" is a hidden clown, unknown, with no tricks, no red nose, or any other mask, can be anyone walking by the street, but, the way he walks, his actions, his energy is a little bit strange, and people start to doubt: is it true? Is it a lie? Who is it? What is happening? "Clandestine" is a theatrical game presented in the streets, in the squares, in a permanent precarious equilibrium between life and theatre. The reference points of the educational program are the Clown pedagogy according to Pierre Byland, the study of neutrality and techniques of street art.


• The neutral mask: neutrality, energy, rhythm, listening, choir
• Techniques of improvisation: listening to the public, stop time, the game of the looks
• The Tragedy: urgency and truth of theatrical language.
• The Clandestine Clown: the hidden clown, without red nose.
• Moments of work in the street, theatrical space as well as natural field for the actors and place of training and experimentation in contact with the public.


Besides training clothes, participants are asked to bring some elegant and outmoded clothes (suit, coat, tie...), "Sunday clothes", shoes, hats, suitcases, handbags. It also could be useful to bring some professional and "institutional" dresses (firefighter, nun, priest, municipal employee, healthcare assistant, dustman, workman, gardener, mechanic, waiter, clean-up crew...) and some particular objects (stroller, wheelchair, crutches, bicycle, coffin, bulky objects...). Participants are also invited to bring some musical instruments and/or little percussions.


The workshop is addressed to theatre, dance and circus professionals, as well as to all people who are strongly motivated by work on the Clown, but also to those who think they have no talent and believe they are not able to learn acting.


GIOVANNI FORESTI, italian actor, pedagogue, director. Working with researching for more than 20 years of clown and theatrical communication. Assistant of Pierre Byland, with whom he has developed a rich professional experience creating theatrical shows and street performance. He has studied with Pierre Byland,MareikeSchnitker, Philippe Gaulier, Jean-Paul Denizon, BepiMonai, Boris Ruge, Ian Algie, Jango Edwards, MamadouDioume, Annika Strøhm and Saba Salvemini. He works in the Company "Les Fusains" and plays in the show: "Masterklass" with the direction of Pierre Byland. The show debuted at Théatre de l´Epée de bois – Cartoucherie – Paris/France in 2011.
With PAOLA OMODEO ZORINI, actress and clown, he has created Oucloupo, an international group or the research on Clown. They work with the Company "Les Fusains" (Paris) and the Company "Théâtre Sans Domicile Fixe" (Switzerland). They collaborate with the Company "Ciabotto" (Italy) and they are responsible for the artistic direction of the "Novello Theatre" (Italy).


- TeatroNovello:
- Workshop in Paris:
- Pictures of the workshop in Turin (Italy):
- Clandestine performance in Sao Paulo (Brazil):
- Interview with Giovanni Foresti and Paola OmodeoZorini in Brazil:


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