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SEMI 2016

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SEEDS - New natural horizons

and realised with the collaboration of TEATRO KISMET OPERA, OFFICINA DEGLI ESORDI, ARETÉ ENSEMBLE, PIANETAVERDE e RINASCERE AL NATURALE. Three meetings to share new (and old) alternative ways of living!

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24 January - THE NATURAL STORK - Pregnancy, Giving birth and the first years (nursery school, pregnancy, portage, birth, documentary, exchanging clothes...)
28 February - ECO HABITAT - Home & life self-sufficient - Alternative energetic solutions and biological house
3 April "SOUL SCHOOL" - dedicated to children from 3 to 10 years old. SOUL SCHOOL would like to give to the parents and the children some information about new possibilities of "education" for the children, new tools that could help the children to find a deeper balance between themselves and society, a good equilibrium.

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SEMI 2015

Locandina SEMI Web

28/2/2015 First meeting - THE NATURAL STORK - Pregnancy, Giving birth and the first years (nursery school, pregnancy, portage, birth, documentary, exchanging clothes...)
21/3/2015 Second meeting - THE ORGANIC FRIDGE - Eat and living organic (vegetable garden, Bio Shop, Solidary purchase...)
11/4/2015 Third meeting - TO BARTER A TRAVEL - Low cost travel with the family (The project Unlearning, Wwoofing, Gnammo...)

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2/3/4 Settembre 2014 nel centro storico di GIOVINAZZO


The Festival Inondazioni has arrived in Giovinazzo. It hasn't arrived by chance or while waiting for greater harbors. Our "boat" has learned to know water just here where it has been created. The Polartis Group consists of four professional companies of artists who find themselves in Giovinazzo by nativity or by choice, and they dedicate to this city a small part of their work with which they travel around Italy and abroad. Three evenings of art for curious eyes hungry for the marvelous... The Festival Inondazioni would like to be a sort of an artistic factory for children, youngsters and adults, to welcome passers-by and curious ones to rediscover the streets and squares of the city. The "boat" is still small but it's made of good tree and expert hands. It is ready to sail far away and always with the intent to return in the end to its beloved harbor.




Loca Inondazioni 2015 Light


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We are collaborating with Officina degli Esordi since 2014. During the season 2014/15 Areté Ensemble collaborates with Teatro Kismet Opera and together with the artistic director Teresa Ludovico they organize activities in the urban space Officina degli Esordi in Bari (
In this working space Areté Ensemble mostly holds workshops for teenagers and adults; one annual with meetings ones a week aimed at teenagers and one intensive weekend workshop for adults "The life between the lines". (Teatro Kismet Opera Link Formazione Officina degli Esordi)


BIARTECA Festival Multimediale Internazionale.
BIARTECA - An Unique Festival

Each summer since 2003 the multidisciplinary BIARTECA Festival was held in the Cervo Valley, Piemonte, Northern Italy. A unique festival for both artists and audience.

A group of 20-30 international artists from diverse disciplines and backgrounds come together and work intensively for 10 days to create installations and performances. The audience is invited to enjoy the performances for two days of the festival inside the small villages. The public has to discover these pieces within the labyrinth of the performing spaces. The dancers, musicians, actors bring more life back into the valley.

Cooking, eating, experimenting and rehearsing together To stimulate an optimum creative drive and impulse within the group of artists, BIARTECA forms a community during the 10 day period. This is done by cooking and eating together twice a day. Between these meals, the artists explore, experiment, rehearse, doing work and research together. Workshops are given which are open to everyone.
Bringing artists to the valley

The artists come at their own expense and aren't paid for their time. Each year Biarteca attracts numerous artists to the valley, many of whom return year after year to participate, giving freely of their time and talent. In return the festival gives the artists meals, lodging and some technical support. It is important to BIARTECA that it brings about a community with space for inspiration and creativity.

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A crazy theatre performance in uterus
with and by Saba Salvemini
An Areté Ensemble production



The adventures of a young sperm cell inside the maternal womb.
A funny and a bit crazy performance that speaks about man, humanity and about that brotherhood that we all, everyone in different ways, wish would happen as soon as possible.

X-Three-3-per-Web-ThumbX-Three-4-B-per-Web-ThumbX Three 1 per Web IngrandimentoX-Three-2-per-Web-ThumbX-Three-5-B-per-Web-Thumb


"The idea of "X Three" was born from the desire to understand as much as possible the mystery of birth. This is of course a mission impossible especially for a male human being... I can only approach this theme and question through the game, the lightness and a bit of craziness to achieve from the theatrical experience some trace, small piece, information... that enriches me and helps me get a bit closer to the baby my companion is carrying in her womb."




LIVING BOOKS is on request or we decide to produce a "flow reading" to be realised in one or more evenings in which we complete the reading of an entire book. An occasion for a common immersion into the world of imagination and abandoning one self to the deeper meaning. Texts such as The stranger, If this is a man, The gospel of John .... It becomes body and life in the "acted word".
The readings take part in an "antique" and easy atmosphere with Persian carpets, a bookrest, a microphone, a small table with bottle and glass of water, simple illumination. The audience is free to come and go as they wish. Just what is needed to softly be able to enter the world the text offers. A voyage where we give ourselves time to penetrate the warm places in the depths of our consciousness.

La nostra casa progetto arcoiris


La storia di Dario un operatore sociale alle prime armi che finisce in una casa famiglia per riuscire a passare l'estate. Saranno molte le sorprese che lo aspettano. Una piccola commedia giocata attorno ai “generi” del cinema. Un cortometraggio, una storia pieni di speranza e che accettano il cambiamento qualunque esso sia. Un piccolo e divertente viaggio intorno alle scelte della vita.

La nostra casa è nato da una piccola magia, da un'intesa che si è creata in pochissime ore di lavoro tra tutti noi, tra tutti i partecipanti al progetto. Un'esperienza unica che in pochissimo appuntamenti ci ha permesso di entrare in una storia che parlava di tutti noi, di giocare al gioco del cinema ed al contempo di far teatro. Ci siamo persi tutti, divertendoci e ognuno prendendosi degli spazi creativi e di serena libertà. Il lavoro nato da una collaborazione tra l'associazione Il sorriso di Ketty, la cooperativa Arcoiris e l'associazione Aretè Ensemble ha creato una sinergia speciale ed il desiderio di dare tutti il meglio di quello che si aveva. Ne è venuto fuori un lavoro semplice, non sofisticato, ma chiaro e ricco di tante piccole verità belle e meno bello che portiamo con noi ovunque andiamo. A breve online

A breve online

Regia e pretesto narrativo Saba Salvemini Montaggio Saba Salvemini Fotografia e color Luigi Demonte Con Mario Bartoli, Mimmo Calia, Francesca Caracciolo,Vito Carbonara, Rossella Carella, Luca Caricola, Antonio Chiapperini, Antonio Colella, Francesco Fiore, Antonello Gaudio, Loredana Gernone, Michele Lacarra, Stefania Mincuzzi, Roberto Papapicco, Michele Petrachi, Stefania Presti, Nino Ranieri, Angela Rizzo, Ernesta Ressa, Dominique Settanni, Lilia Spada, Giacomo Tanno, Giuseppina Tonazzi, Francesca Veneziani, Gianni Zonno, Saba Salvemini ...e nel ruolo di Dario l’operatore sociale Luigi Demonte Operatori e Volontari, Marianna Zanni, Gabriella Maruca, Enza Carenza, Giovanna Milella Il nostro GRAZIE ai genitori dei nostri magnifici ragazzi

Un cortometraggio realizzato durante il laboratorio “Un’avventura teatrale” a cura di Areté Ensemble, condotto da Saba Salvemini. Il Laboratorio, realizzato alla sede di ArcoIris, è stato offerto dall’associazione Il sorriso di Ketty ed ha avuto una durata di 25 ore

Una produzione Il sorriso di Ketty, ArcoIris ed Areté Ensemble

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