Areté Ensemble is a cultural organisation founded in 2007.
All members are free to persevere with their own work and find themselves in Areté only when the need for a common project is arising. Areté Ensemble collaborates with various International organisations.
Areté Ensemble works in the field of theatre production, teaching drama, music and audiovisual production.
Saba Salvemini and Annika Strøhm, are founding members. Among others Areté Ensemble has collaborated with Valerio Malorni, Miyuki Hayakawa, Matteo Salvemini, Ursula Volkmann, Valentino Ligorio, Zerottanta Produzioni, Jean Paul Denizon, Sarah Sammartino....

We tell stories. In telling a story we like to leave to the spectator the possibility to read, in the drama, in the words, in what happens in front of his eyes...in life...the different levels of meanings present in the text.
We do this through the theatre of the actor. A simple theatre, transparent if possible, that leaves the spectator free to interpret and "take" what he needs most for his life.
We try to return to the spectator, in the most "honest way possible" what we read between the lines in a text, in a fairytale...in a story that again speaks about us...about humanity.
We like to work with different genres and styles, always change and challenge ourselves with a new material, such as tragedy, comedy, surreal, film, theatre, theatre for children, poetry...
Our research, the masters we have followed, the work we have realized...have changed and will still change our way of working, the themes...now we are here.

On our artistic path we have met, among others, for very long periods (4/5 years), long, short and very short periods (seminars):
J.P. Denizon, A. Milenin, J. Alschitz, P. Byland, D. Manfredini, P. Nani, G. Foresti, I. Algie, C. Moustache, Iida Shigemi, B. Bonriposi e R. Tordoni, Igor Youssim, T. Portoghese, la Scuola del Teatro Stabile di Genova, C. Bos-Kroese, G. Borgia, C. Di Domenico, T. Vallarella, N. Guendouz, T. Ludovico, S. Gonnella, Vladimir Granoff, C. Schmalor, G. Sneltvedt, S. Tamborra, M. Francia, R. Mirecka, M. Lucenti, C. Coldy, T. Bertherat, V. Campo, G. Di Cicco e C. Monti, G. Gotti...

In 2007 Areté Ensemble won the project "Movin'up" of GAI – Giovani Artisti Italiani.
In 2009 Areté Ensemble won the residence project organized by Spazio Off in Trento, Italy.
In 2010 The show "The problem" was selected by TPP – Teatro Pubblico Pugliese for the event "La notte Bianca di Puglia".
In 2010 the last three shows of the company have their official debut at the Teatro Kismet Opera in Bari.
In 2012 the show "Medea" was selected by TPP for the event International Puglia Show Case.
In 2012 and 2013 the company entered the official register of Promotion of The Region of Puglia.
Since 2007 our shows have been played more than 1000 times in Italy and abroad, in festivals, theatres...Our shortfilms have participated in various national and international festivals, winning several prices.
We have organized seminars of theatre education for professionals and beginners in the south and in north of Italy in addition to various theatre workshops for schools, senior and junior highschools. We have consolidated several collaborations, both national and international, with companies, artists and organizations.

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